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Miscellaneous Fees
Storage fees effective as of January 19th,  2015:

-    First six calendar days  :       No charge.
-    From 7 days to 10 days  :     114.17 $ CDN per TEU ( 20' ) per day.
-    From 11 days and up :          144.00 $ CDN per TEU ( 20' )  per day.

Late Gates:

From monday to friday:     135.00 $ cdn per container
Week ends                :     200.00 $ cdn per container
Holidays                    :     200.00 $ cdn per container

Destuffing fees for a single car:

-     Flat rate of 475.00$ CDN. per car. We only accept cash, money order or certified check.

Destuffing / Stuffing - Fees for Flat rack or Open top :

-     Termont Montreal can perform stuffing or destuffing of flat racks or open tops and transfer the cargo to or from a flat bed truck.

Estimate: To obtain an estimate, please contact Richard Piechowiak by email at:  rpiechowiak@termont.com

When requesting an estimate, the following information is required:

-     Number of pieces.
-     Description of content.
-     Overall weight.
-     Complete billing address.
-     Proper Canada Customs release or bond papers.
-     Valid pickup number, provided by the shipping line.
-     Booking or discharge vessel / voyage.
-     Container number, when destuffing an import container.
-     If any, storages charges must be paid for.
-     Always call for an appointment.

Picking-up or delivering a container outside of normal business hours (late gate):

Picking-up an import container:

-      Fees for a late gate are of 135$CAD per container on week days and 200$CAD per container on week-ends (Saturday, Sunday & holidays)

-       To request a late gate, send a request to lategate@termont.com . In your request, you must specify the  container number, clearly mention that you guarantee the late gate fees & include the complete billing  address.

-      When your late gate is approved, you will get a reply indicating that all is in order.

Delivering an export container:

-       All late gate requests to deliver an export container must go through the shipping line. Please contact the       shipping line for such request.