We are a skilled terminal operator with two locations in the Port of Montreal. Termont currently has a long-term contract in place for handling the business of Mediterranean Shipping Company at the Port of Montreal.

Termont Montreal Inc. is owned by Logistec Stevedoring Inc. (a subsidiary of Logistec Corporation), Cerescorp Company, and Terminal Investment Limited.


Starting July 18, 2022 a new measure will be in place to address the long import dwell time at Termont Terminals.
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May 17, 2022 – A second kiosk for ”Manual / Traditional transactions” is now available at the Sicard Entrance to access Viau Terminal (Section 52).
Consult our best practices to improve your experience during your visit to Termont.
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From February 21st to October 30th, 2022 the Port Road will be completely closed between Bossuet and Viau. An Entrance on Sicard is accessible to truckers going to Viau Terminal (section 52). Visit our News section for details


Tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine – Infrastructure works and obstructions starting February 2022 until year end
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Take note that starting February 21, 2022, a fee of 225$ per container will be applied on each container detected without a seal before the OCR of terminal entrances Stage 2 (Maisonneuve and Viau). The fee will be charged to the offending Transport company.
As a reminder, since June 1st 2021, truckers accessing our terminals are required to have a seal affixed to each full or empty container before arriving at Stage 2 OCR.
The omission of the seal before OCR passage Stage 2 leads to significant delays and additional handling by several personnel members on terminal.


Starting Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 at 06:00 am, there will be 2 lanes at the Port of Montreal Entrance (stage 1), dedicated to Online Pregate / Sherpa transactions.
Line 15 will be dedicated to truckers having online transactions for Viau. Line 19 will be dedicated to truckers having online transactions for Maisonneuve.
Feel free to Contact our Customer Experience or call 514-254-0526 for questions or assistance.


Starting Tuesday June 1st, 2021 at 6:00 am, all truckers will be required to have a seal affixed to any full or empty container before passing through stage 1 of section 74/75 at the Port of Montreal entrance.
The omission of the seal before this stage will cause significant delays.
Our personnel is onsite at all time to ensure normal activities. Do not hesitate to communicate with our Customer Experience or contact us at 514-254-0526 for assistance.
We are counting on your cooperation to ensure the success of this new measure.


Job Aids to Dispatchers and Truckers: Avoid delays and ensure safety
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Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Experience at clerks@termont.com or at 514-254-0526

Our security agents are onsite to guide and provide assistance

Thank you


MONDAY 06:00am 10:00pm 06:00am 10:00pm
TUESDAY  06:00am 10:00pm 06:00am 10:00pm
WEDNESDAY 06:00am 10:00pm 06:00am 10:00pm
THURSDAY 06:00am 10:00pm  06:00am 10:00pm 
FRIDAY 06:00am 10:00pm 06:00am 10:00pm 

* Truckers are asked to register their transactions at the Portal entrance, Port of Montreal (stage 1) before 10:00 pm. No container will be received or delivered for any transaction submitted after 10:00 pm. This procedure will ensure that all truckers inside our terminals are served by operation personnel by 11:00 pm.



Please note that, effective immediately, Termont will not provide seals to the trucking community. We would like to remind you that, as per the Maritime Transport Safety Act, all full containers entering a terminal must be sealed.

Also, as per Port of Montreal regulation, all empty containers entering a terminal must be sealed. Therefore, we would like to remind you to make sure all containers are sealed prior to their arrival at the terminal.


The Terminal Identification Number can be found on the container’s Arrivals Notices, Bill of Ladings or Canadian Customs Release Notification.

For the Maisonneuve Terminal ( Section 68 ) identification number is:395 AW 2619

For the Viau Terminal ( Section 52 ) Identification Number is:395 AW 5540

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